Cafés, Hotels And Restaurants

Cafés, Hotels And Restaurants

Attract new customers and boost sales with our range of great-tasting craft beers.

We are Lion Little World Beverages, the trusted craft beer supplier for cafés, hotels and restaurants across the UK. 

We help you find the right beers to suit you and your drinkers’ needs. And we have all the expertise and support you need in one place.

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One Supplier For All Your Craft Needs

Lion Little World Beverages is the only drinks group dedicated purely to craft beer.

Our diverse range of brands helps you keep up with changing customer tastes.

We’re passionate about beer and food matching with options to suit every menu.

Our team is hands on - offering practical support, education and inspiration.

No minimum orders and quick, reliable delivery - every time. 

A Partnership To Boost Sales

As a café, hotel or restaurant owner, you’ll know all about changing customer tastes and the ‘rise of local’. 

Craft beer is a big part of this. And a lucrative opportunity for food-led businesses to attract new customers and stand out from competitors.

But the challenge is finding brands that can appeal to craft drinkers and sell at volume. The Lion Little World Beverages range helps you do both. We have the ‘gateway beers’ and the more complex brews. So you can get the balance just right between consciously-sourced beers and commercial results. 

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Beer School - all the learning and training you need

The world of craft can get pretty complex - ‘six dimensional hops’, anyone? 

It’s no surprise that many cafés, hotels and restaurants don’t know where to start when it comes to sourcing the right beers. 

At Lion Little World Beverages we do craft differently. We’re all about making great-tasting beers easily available to all. 

Our Beer School is central to this mission. It’s where we share handy resources on how to store, serve and talk about beer. And because it’s all digital, you can learn about craft wherever and whenever you want.

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We Are Your Craft Mates

We build solid relationships with our customers through genuine recommendations, wholehearted support and expert advice. 

These bonds go beyond transactions. Our team works with you to come up with creative and seasonal ideas for selling beer. From providing portable bars to stand-out merchandise, we are truly collaborative. 

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